The beauty of Highpoint products doesn't stop on the outside. Part of the allure is the strength, durability and craftsmanship that's on the inside. Our system is designed to be fast and well-crafted, while creating furniture to your exact specifications. With cutting edge technologies, we've taken the time, but not the quality out of the process.


Construction Features

Unidirectional & Foam:

The aesthetic of a continuous design line, held due to buoyant firmness in the cushions, is best achieved using unidirectional webbing for support and the highest quality foam cushions. Our unidirectional webbing technique has been shown to significantly increase the life of our high-density, high-resiliency urethane foam cushions. They repeatedly spring back and are supported by genuine hardwood frames for a firmer seat.

The Leather

The Leather is 100% Full Top Grain Leather.. There are no split hides used anywhere on these pieces. They have been tanned without altering any of the natural characteristics. This is why all of the natural markings stand out. Living proof of the leathers natural origins and processing.


The Fabric

Our fabrics are the highest quality and handpicked by our world class designers.  All fabrics have been tested for optimal durability and comfort.


The Frame

We use only 100% kiln dried solid wood frames.  All of our frames are precision cut on computerized saws and routers. This allows Highpoint Sofas to consistently provide high quality frames that exceed the highest industry standards.


The Seating System

Highpoint uses Pirelli webbing for all of its seats.. The system holds 720 lbs per square inch.  The Pirelli method of seat construction is the most expensive, elaborate hand tying seating system available for furniture in the world. Unlike the common 8-way hand tie system which eventually loses it's shape and form, Pirelli webbing is a high quality, super strength webbing that is laced side to side and front to back multiple times. This is the traditional Italian method that provides a lifetime of consistent comfort and support. The system holds 720 lbs per square inch. The aeronautic industry & Fine automobile manufacturers such as Porsche and Mercedes- Benz use the same type of seating systems for all of their leather seats. This system will give you the most durable long-term performance of any seating system.   



You can afford to have great furniture that you don't have to be afraid of using or wearing out. The longevity of Highpoint products is built in, from our coverings to construction. Four-times more durable than any fabric, leather improves with age. Everyday accidents are easy to clean up. And because every piece of furniture is custom made and hand assembled for the utmost in quality construction, your satisfaction is guaranteed. It is our promise that your investment will stand the test of time, kid, dogs and whatever else sits, lies or stands on one of our products.