Does Highpoint Offer a Catalogue? 

Highpoint does not have any print media. We have put our entire catalogue of leather sofas online so our clients can see our entire product line. We have uploaded all of the leather furniture images on the website to their highest resolution in order to accurately view and print any of our leather sofas, love seats, chairs, and ottomans.


How do you sell such high quality furniture at these prices?  

We began using the Internet as a way to manage our excess inventory from stores who over order or have customer cancellations. You are receiving this set at the same price that we offer to retailers who traditionally mark up our prices 2 to 2.5 times our cost.


Can the set be broken up or additional pieces added on?  

Yes, we can do that. Email us at and we can help get you the best price for your special order.


Is the price so low because this is damaged furniture or is there something wrong with it? 

Absolutely not! All of our furniture is brand new and has no defects and is subject to our manufacturer's warranty. If we sent you defective or damaged product, we would have to pay to make it right and that would cause us to lose money on the set. This is why every piece ships insured. We want to be certain that you will receive exactly what you ordered.


Is there a store in my area where I can see the furniture?

Regrettably, since we use the Internet as a way to clear out excess inventory at wholesale prices, we have an agreement with our retailers to not disclose their names and send consumers into their stores.  Obviously, that wouldn't be fair to them, if you could purchase as a consumer what they do as a wholesale purchaser. That said, we strongly encourage you to check out our testimonials to see what people who have received our furniture have said about the quality and service they have received. Highpoint does not have any retail stores because we are not a retailer. This means we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can shop for leather couches at your leisure.


How Can I Feel The Leather? 

If you are interested in purchasing our leather furniture and would like a swatch sent directly to your house, simply fill out the swatch request form in the products section for the style that you are interested in purchasing. You can also email us at and we will be happy to discuss your selection with you.


How can I buy this if I don't sit on it?  

We are asked this question at least once a day and we do understand. Two thoughts that may be helpful:
1. Our pictures are exceptionally accurate if you have a good monitor. You will receive exactly what you are looking at.
2. Please check out what other customers have said once they've received our furniture. As you may be aware, they are not required to leave us feedback. Customers have only done so due to their appreciation for how high the quality of our Italian furniture is.


If my furniture is 100% leather, why is there fabric on the bottom of my cushion?  

Very simple:  Leather is a material with very little resistance and so if the bottom of your cushion is leather also, every time you sit down on it, it will slip and you would find yourself stuck between the back cushion and seat cushion.  Even worse is to fall asleep and wake up to find all of the cushions on the floor and you still on the sofa. While not all of our seat cushions are removable, on the ones that are you will find a fabric underside along with Velcro to keep your seat cushion in place for years of comfort.


Is Leather Hot or Cold? 

Leather furniture is constantly adjusting to the environment that it is in. Leather will be the same temperature as the room where it is located and will adjust accordingly.


How Long Will Leather Last? 

Highpoint leather furniture is often passed down a generation after 20-30 years of use. Consistent maintenance will increase the life of your furniture for many years.


How Strong Is Leather?

Leather is the strongest upholstery material available in the world today. It is virtually impossible to rip, tear, or puncture leather.


Is Leather Good For Children and Pets?

Yes, leather is great for children of all ages and pets. It is easy to care for and can take the day to day use from your family. As a result of its strength and durability it will withstand even the largest pets.


Can Leather Be Cleaned? 

Leather absolutely can be cleaned and conditioned. Check out the Leather Care section for more tips on caring for fine leather.


Leather Grades

Believe it or not, there is actually no standard grading system for leather. Yes, when you go into a store they will explain to you an A, B, C, D type of grading or a 1,2,3,4, etc. system. Some even use a 0-50 numbering system. However, if you go to the most expensive store in town where collections start at $5,000 and go up from there and they have an A, B, C type of grading and then you shop the cheapest store and they have the same A, B, C system obviously something is wrong. Clearly, they do not have the same quality of furniture in each of these stores.


The answer is that each store sets their own system based on the leather they have in their store. This helps you choose but only between the leathers they offer. If their best leather is still an inferior grade, you won't know.

So how can you tell? 

The best leather available for any furniture is 100% full top grain with a full aniline dye. The next best is top grain with a full aniline dye. It then goes down from there... split leather, partial aniline dyes, etc.


How long for shipping?  

Each of our sets has a different shipping time. Many of our sets ship within 3 weeks from the date we process your order which means you will have it within 4 weeks in most cases.  However, it can be up to 10 weeks. This is part of our under promise, over deliver policy so don’t be surprised if it shows up sooner. We’ve learned that it is better to tell you 3 to 4 weeks and have it show up early than tell you 2-3 weeks and a problem comes up with the freight company that causes a small delay and our customer is now disappointed.


Will this fit through my door?  

If your door is 30” or wider, yes! We ship our furniture without the legs for this very purpose. If your door is less than 30” wide, email us at and we can help determine if you’ll need to consider other options.


Will the furniture be delivered to my home or to a distribution center? 

Your furniture will be shipped directly to your home.


Is White Glove delivery available?

In most cases, YES! For $150, we can upgrade you to White Glove service. With White Glove, they will unpack your furniture and set it up in your home.