How long for shipping?  

Each of our sets has a different shipping time. Many of our sets ship within 3 weeks from the date we process your order which means you will have it within 4 weeks in most cases.  However, it can be up to 10 weeks. This is part of our under promise, over deliver policy so don’t be surprised if it shows up sooner. We’ve learned that it is better to tell you 3 to 4 weeks and have it show up early than tell you 2-3 weeks and a problem comes up with the freight company that causes a small delay and our customer is now disappointed.

Will this fit through my door? 

If your door is 30” or wider, yes! We ship our furniture without the legs for this very purpose. If your door is less than 30” wide, email us at and we can help determine if you’ll need to consider other options.
Will the furniture be delivered to my home or to a distribution center?  Your furniture will be shipped directly to your home.

What happens if something is damaged? 

We include insurance on every freight quote. One advantage this gives you is that they will call you 24 hrs in advance to schedule a delivery time since they will need you to be there to sign for it. We do this not because we are expecting damage but because it can happen. We are very fortunate to have a less than 1% damage rate which is less than 1 in 200 shipments. In the event that a piece does get damaged, it is very easy to take care of. When the furniture arrives, be sure to inspect it before you sign for it. In the event there is damage, follow these three simple steps:


1. Keep all of the good furniture.
2. Put the damaged piece back on the truck and make a note on the bill of lading that you are refusing that piece due to damage.
3. Call us and we will prepare the replacement and send it out as soon as the damaged piece returns.


It is very important that you follow these steps so that we can give you the highest level of customer service. Delivery companies are very reluctant to help once you have signed for it due to the fact that there are people who try and take advantage of them by claiming that damage they inflict to the furniture sometimes weeks after they received it came that way. Helpful hint: The two biggest clues that there may be something wrong: a) the box is damaged or b) the driver tells you he is too busy or doesn't have to let you inspect it. (This probably means that he did it and is trying to get out of there before you figure it out.) Again, damage is very rare but we'd like you know what to do just in case.